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We welcome you all to the new look website for Mersea Week.

This is a huge year for us, as we will be hosting the 50th Anniversary of Mersea Week!

We are thrilled to be hosting the RORC IRC East Coast Championships, East Coast Sonata Championships, ILCA Open Event in addition to all our Regular Mersea Week Fleets

The Early Bird Entry Form is available until 31st May

I hope this year will be a year to remember.
I am already performing a regular Rain dance to keep away the wet stuff and hoping for perfect sailing weather for you all to enjoy.

This year we have received some great sponsorship, of which we are most grateful. Without these sponsors, we would be unable to put together such a well supported week.

Obviously, a week of so much happening, does not take place without a very special team of people to put everything together. I am extremely lucky to have such a strong team behind me this year.

Have you taken part in Mersea Week in the past 50 years?
Have you got any photos you can share with us?
Please get in touch, as we would love to share them on the Website and our Social Media Pages

I look forward to carrying this forward as your newly appointed Chairman (or Lady), many of you know me, so should find it easy to track me down during the week.

Chairman for Mersea Week 2024


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